How Would You Like to
Land More and
Better-Paying Clients?

And what if you had a group of experts and a vibrant community
of peers helping you every step of the way?

Fellow Freelance Professional,

Do you often struggle to land quality clients and profitable projects?

Are you tired of the feast-or-famine cycle of freelance work?

Are you having a difficult time getting the fees you deserve?

You're not alone. According to a June 2011 survey of International Freelancer Academy subscribers, 53% of respondents said that getting more and better-paying clients is their number one challenge today.

The second most-cited challenge (improving daily productivity) didn't even come close! Only 12% of the nearly 600 survey respondents named this as their top concern.

It Affects Much More Than Your Pocketbook

This client-attraction problem is even far more serious than it appears. Because it affects much more than your pocketbook.

For instance, it's hard to deliver good work or enjoy what you do when you can't consistently land decent-paying work.

It creates stress, resentment and desperation. It causes you to take on whatever comes your way. It often causes friction in your personal life. And it sucks the joy and creativity out of your work.

Maybe you've read some good books or articles on the subject but weren't sure how to best implement the ideas.

Or you've looked into getting some coaching but can't yet afford the hourly rates for one-on-one work.

So what are you supposed to do?

I know the feeling. I've been there myself — more than once! That's why as soon as I saw how severe and widespread this client-attraction problem truly was within our freelancer community, I felt compelled to do something about it.

Over the last two months we've been working on a solution here at the Academy. And it's finally ready.


Client Attractor Lab

The Client Attractor Lab is a private membership site within International Freelancers Academy. Its sole focus is to help you attract and land more and better-paying clients.

And to do it faster and more cost-effectively.


Why a 'Lab'?

Back in my college days, “labs” were my favorite classes. It's where we rolled up our sleeves and applied what we'd learned.

It was an opportunity to ask questions, interact with classmates, share ideas, experiment with new approaches.

That’s the same spirit behind The Client Attractor Lab.

So while the Academy will continue to be a source of rich and actionable content, the Lab is where we’ll really get to work on generating more new business... faster!

In fact, the sole purpose of the Lab is to help you attract and land more and better-paying clients and projects — regardless of what you do as a freelancer.

It includes the following 4 components:

What They're Saying about Ed Gandia and his Academy Training...


"I just landed my first REAL corporate part-time gig! They found me through my website, we had the meeting yesterday in their local offices w/my portfolio and rate sheet. They sent over the contract today. It went just like Ed said it would! YAY!
--Pamela Hilliard Owens


"This information changes the way I think about the way I work with my best clients. Your teleseminars are my shortcut to operating my business more efficiently--without all the personal trial-and-error, I can work toward boosting my bottom line faster."
--Danielle Spedale


Stellar stuff, Ed! I really appreciate reading content that hasn't already been blasted across cyberspace 1000 times 🙂
--Victoria Ipri


“Thanks, Ed, for your excellent programs offered through International Freelancers Academy -- I love your down-to-earth approach."
--Carol Kaemmerer
members only forum

Over the last few months, many of our current members have requested that we create a private forum where you can discuss some of your challenges more openly and get feedback from me and from other freelancers.

We think this is a GREAT idea! Some of the biggest breakthroughs in my own freelance business were the result of feedback or ideas I got from the private communities and mastermind groups I’ve been a part of.

The networking, interaction and support that come from tightly knit communities is priceless. People tend to be much more candid in these private settings than they are on Facebook, LinkedIn and other social media sites.

The Client Attractor Lab’s forum is no exception. It's a great resource for getting feedback from me and from other Lab members. As well as an ideal place to share ideas and accomplishments... get answers to difficult challenges... find accountability partners... and get support and encouragement.

coaching calls

Each month at the Lab we’ll also have a live coaching call. You’ll get to ask me (and occasionally a guest expert) questions about your specific marketing, prospecting, sales or pricing/quoting challenge or situation.

We've set up a special section of the forum where you can post questions you want addressed in these calls. And during the call, I'll answer them all. I'll also occasionally bring in a trusted subject matter expert to help me go even deeper with some of the answers.

I don’t do very much coaching these days due to time constraints from client work and the day-to-day running of the Academy. And when I do coach, my fee is $250 an hour. My occasional guests during these calls are equally as difficult to reach for advice. So this is an opportunity to get sound advice and feedback without paying the full price of a one-on-one coaching session.

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monthly teleseminars

Growing your knowledge base is one of the most important investments you can make in your solo business. And our monthly teleseminars provide you with the in-depth, actionable training you need to attract and land better-paying clients.

Plus, you have access to our growing library of teleseminars. Each comes complete with transcripts, handouts (where applicable) and MP3 files for your computer, iPod or other MP3 player.

And... when you join The Client Attractor Lab, you'll have INSTANT ACCESS to more than 7 hours of these in-depth seminars, along with full PDF transcripts and handouts (where applicable). These seminars include:

Smart and Painless Selling for Solo Professionals
Presented by Pete Savage — 68 minutes.
What you say and do at critical points of the sales process can directly impact whether you win or lose the project. On this call, Pete takes you behind the scenes into their sales conversations with prospects. Listen in and learn their best tips for managing the sale and winning business.

How to Negotiate Better and Smarter as a Freelancer
Presented by Ed Gandia and Davis Viera — 80 minutes.
You could be one of the best practitioners in your field. But if you don’t know how to negotiate with prospects and clients, you could be under-pricing your work, agreeing to unfavorable terms and needlessly jumping through hoops.

How to Create Income-Boosting Service Packages and Retainer Agreements Your Clients Will Love
Presented by Ed Gandia and Dianna Huff — 65 minutes.
In this teleseminar Ed Gandia and B2B website marketing pro Dianna Huff share their practical, repeatable ideas on how to craft and sell packaged service offerings and retainer agreements that enable you to earn more, put an end to the ebb and flow of work, and keep your clients happy.

How to Use LinkedIn as an Effective Client-Attracting Tool
Presented by Ed Gandia with Guest Jaime Almond — 60 minutes.
In this nuts-and-bolts session, Jaime Almond reveals practical LinkedIn strategies you can start using right away to connect with potential clients, build greater trust and credibility, and land more profitable engagements.

How to Spot Potentially Bad Clients Before It’s Too Late
Presented by Ed Gandia, Anastacia Brice and David Ackert — 62 minutes.
As a freelancer or self-employed service professional, your long-term success and happiness largely hinges on your ability to spot bad clients before you bring them on board. And in this teleseminar, you’ll discover how to make those decisions more easily and without stressing out.

How to Land Big Corporate Clients
Presented by Ed Gandia with Guest Steve Slaunwhite — 60 minutes.
Having just one or two midsize to large corporate clients is one of the best ways to end the feast-or-famine cycle. That’s because larger companies tend to have more projects. They also often need outside help to complete them. Plus, the more projects you do with a large client, the more efficiently you can do the work. In this detailed teleseminar, you’ll learn how to identify the right big clients, how to approach them and how to win (and keep!) their business.

How to Generate New Business by Delivering Talks to Organizations and Professionals Groups
Presented by Ed Gandia with Guest Jennifer Lee — 60 minutes.
In this session, seasoned coach Jennifer Lee will show you how to attract more clients faster through speeches and talks to organizations and professional groups. You'll discover how to find the right speaking opportunities, approach the highest-impact organizations for your niche or profession, create a talk that delivers solid value to your audience, deliver a great talk (even if you're not an expert speaker) and get your audience to see the value of working with you.

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 training library

Finally, as a Lab member, you’ll also have full access to our library of:

  • Training episodes
  • Interviews with successful freelancers
  • Mini how-to guides
  • Checklists
  • And other helpful tools for getting better clients and higher fees

These resources include:

A Simple and Stress-Free Project-Scheduling System (Tutorial)
Ed Gandia shares his simple, yet effective, capacity-scheduling tool to help you estimate your workload more easily.

A Simple System for Achieving Your BIG Life Goals (Tutorial)
Pete Savage walks you through how to set your daily schedule so that you’re always making progress toward your important life goals.

Need Work NOW? How to Land $1,000 - $3,000 in One Day from Existing Clients (How-to Guide)
Ed Gandia shows you how he consistently lands work fast (and when he needs it most) from those who already know and trust: existing and previous clients.

Thriving in a Struggling Profession: An Interview With Freelance Photographer and Videographer Tom Hoebbel (Audio success story)
Learn how Ithaca, NY–based freelance commercial photographer and videographer Tom Hoebbel has managed to grow his business in a profession that has struggled as a result of the slow economy and shift in market trends.

How to Become Your Prospect’s ‘Favorite Contender’ in a Competitive Situation (Audio Lesson)
Ed Gandia teaches you how to gain an unfair advantage over your competitors when your prospect is considering more than one service provider for a project or long-term assignment.

Creating a Profitable and Stable Freelance Business Out of Your Passions: An Interview With Freelance Writer and Publishing Consultant Susan Daffron (Audio success story)
Discover how freelance writer and book publishing consultant Susan Daffron has evolved her business from a simple freelance practice to an exciting venture with multiple and reliable income streams. And how she's leveraged pools of existing content to create profitable books, courses and other products, all based on her personal passions.

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How Will You Benefit from Your Lab Membership?

Here's what you can expect:

  • A place you can turn to when you have specific questions about marketing, prospecting, sales or pricing/quoting challenge or situation
  • A fun, smart and committed group of freelance professionals in a variety of fields
  • A great place to network and make connections with people who can help you
  • Opportunities for potential partnerships and cross-promotion with complementary freelancers and service providers
  • New, fresh, smart, proven and practical ideas for attracting more and better-quality clients
  • The ability to get feedback on a prospecting, sales, or quoting challenge from others who may have tried similar approaches
  • Inspiration when you need it most, from seasoned pros who have overcome great challenges through hard work, persistence and smart strategies
  • Accountability — a group of peers who will help you stay on track and accountable to yourself
  • Sound advice for a fraction of what you'd pay to work one-on-one with a coach

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What Does This Cost?

Normally, our teleseminars alone run $49 - $97 each. My one-on-one hourly coaching sessions are $250. Add access to our private members-only forum, training library, and premium resources... and you're easily up to $125+ per month.

But membership to The Client Attractor Lab won’t cost you anywhere near that.

It’s yours for only $29 per month.

That's less than $1 a day!

A fantastic deal, considering that most private membership sites of this caliber run anywhere from $50 to $100 a month.

But it All Ends on Friday!

We're not looking to pack a football stadium here. Instead, we're looking for a select group of committed professionals to join our existing Lab members.

Because of that, registration to The Client Attraction Lab will be open through midnight Eastern Time (New York Time) this Friday, August 26 only. No exceptions.

After that, the Lab will be closed to new members until 2012.

So if this sounds like something you want to be a part of, now is the time to join... before we close the doors for a long time.


Before you sign up, let me tell you about some of the additional bonuses you'll get if you join us this week ...

BONUS #1: Get Four of Our Bestselling Training Classes

As a bonus for joining the Lab this week, you'll get access to some of our bestselling classes that are NOT normally part of the Lab's training library. These are classes that we normally sell for $49 each, but they're yours FREE!

Portfolio Power-Up: How to Turn Any Portfolio into Your Strongest Sales Tool
Learn a simple method for presenting your portfolio samples in the best light... so you can wow clients with your work, even if you only have a few “spec” samples to show. One full hour of rich content.

Effective Email Prospecting For Freelancers Who Hate Cold Calling
Discover how to do email prospecting the right way. How to avoid common pitfalls. And how to maximize your chances of success. One full hour of rich content (this is a very condensed version of one of our comprehensive Academy programs on the same subject).

The “Launch Email” Technique: The Fastest Way to Attract Good-Paying Clients as a New Freelancer
An easy way to instantly spread the word about your business and bring new leads in the door — without cold calling or writing sales letters. Includes sample Launch Emails that you can copy and send out today! 38 minutes of rich content.

12 Kick-Butt Strategies for Assembling Your Best Prospect List Ever
Learn how to put together a high-quality prospect list that closely matches the type of clients you enjoy working with. Better yet, you’ll learn how to do it faster, cheaper and with less stress. One full hour of rich content.

ALL 4 classes include downloadable MP3 files, word-for-word transcripts, action worksheets and samples (where applicable). Total value: $154 in educational content.

BONUS #2: FREE Access to 23 Presentation Replays from Last Year's International Freelancers Day Conference

If you join us this week, you'll also get FREE access to 23 video presentations from the first-ever International Freelancers Day conference held last September!

Check out the full list of these amazing presentations here

Total value: Priceless!! (Collectively, these presentations are not available anywhere else, at any price.)

Bonus #3: FREE Access to ALL Presentation Replays from the Upcoming 2011 International Freelancers Day Conference!!

That's right! The IFD online conference will be back this year, and it will be better than ever. Although all sessions will be free (like they've always been), there will be a cost to access presentation replays.

However, as a Lab member, you'll have free and complete access to all of this year's presentations (including PDF transcripts!). So if you miss a few or want to go back and review some of them, you'll be able to do so at your convenience

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Who's Behind the Lab?

Ed Gandia

Hi! I'm Ed Gandia, a founding partner of International Freelancers Academy and co-author of the bestselling and award-winning book, The Wealthy Freelancer (Penguin/Alpha). I'm also one of the co-founders of International Freelancers Day, the world’s biggest free online educational conference for solo professionals.

My insights have been featured on CNN Radio, CBS Radio, Inc. magazine, The Christian Science Monitor, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, AirTran Airways’ Go magazine, The Writer and other leading publications.

I'm passionate about freelancing because it's the best way to design the lifestyle you truly want. When done right, no other business model gives you the opportunity to achieve an ideal mix of income, freedom and fun... without taking on the risks of most traditional businesses.

Unfortunately, most of us were schooled in an educational system that's designed for employee work. We may be independent workers.... but many of us still THINK like employees. Which partly explains why most freelancers struggle with marketing and selling their services.

In fact, the inability to consistently and effectively market and sell their services is the number one reason freelancers quit!

And that's a shame. Because the real problem today is NOT a lack of freelance clients and projects. The real problem is a lack of understanding on how to consistently attract and land high-quality and high-paying work.

I co-created International Freelancers Academy to help freelancers and self-employed service providers thrive in this new "gig" economy.

And with The Client Attractor Lab, we're taking solo businesses to a new level of success.

Consistently attracting and landing higher-paying clients is the most important activity in your business. Without it, nothing else works.

The Client Attractor Lab will provide you with the advice, motivation, feedback and knowledge you need to dramatically increase your freelance income and have more fun in your business.

All for less than $1 a day.

No Risk to You!

I'm confident that you’ll earn back the modest monthly fee many times over from just one good tip, idea or strategy you get and apply every month.

That's why we back up your Lab membership with our full satisfaction guarantee. If you’re not thrilled with the first 30 days of your IFA membership experience, just let us know. We’ll promptly refund your entire first month’s fee and you’ll never be charged again.

Of course, you can also choose to leave the membership program at any time. Just click the “Cancel” button in your account area and you won’t be charged again. No hassle, no games, no jumping through hoops.

Ready to make the challenge of landing quality clients a thing of the past?  Let's get started!

What They're Saying about Ed Gandia and his Academy Training...


"I began my journey into possibly moving into freelance work from my full time job in financial services about 18 months ago. I came across Steve & Ed work initially through AWAI. I was, and still am amazed by how generous they have been with sharing very concrete, specific knowledge, hints and strategies for free -- not just fluff as is often the case. Over the past year I have bought their books and programs to learn even more. Thanks guys for giving me the initial push to help me make a plan and follow through. The investment since then has been worth every penny."
-- Kathleen Dwyer


"I just finished the '11 Turnaround Strategies' presentation and it was so useful! Honestly, I'm usually disappointed when I sign up for stuff like this because the information is often too vague, or it's recycled from another place, or it's a sales pitch in disguise. But not this one. The examples you provided were very helpful. Thanks for putting it together!"
--Stephanie Gerbig


"Thank you so much Pete and Ed for a fantastic presentation today! So much good information. I for one will start implementing strategies #3 and #4! Thanks for all that you do :0) Keep 'em coming!"
--Patricia Redsicker


To your success,

Ed Gandia
International Freelancers Academy
Client-Attractor Lab