Incentive-Based Compensation: How to Make it Work

Summary: In this video training episode, Tina Forsyth explains several proven models of incentive-based compensation for self-employed service providers. You'll learn what these models look like, how to structure them and if (and how) they could work for your specific business.

Watch the 1st video in this series: How to Create Incentive Based Compensation

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Tina Forsyth is a leading authority on building virtual teams to help businesses thrive. As the author of Becoming an Online Business Manager and founder of the International Association of Online Business Managers she specializes in maximizing business growth potential through online growth strategies. Having built and managed 7 six-figure businesses since 2002, Tina knows firsthand how to implement a strong business foundation and the team to support it. Through her Online Business Manager Training & Certification she is teaching this process to other virtual support professionals who want to play a bigger game and become OBMs for their clients.
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