International Freelancers Day – Presenters

To submit the video file:

  • We prefer to use Dropbox for file sharing.  If you are a Dropbox user (it’s free!) please send Crystal ( your Dropbox email and she’ll invite you to the video upload folder for IFD 2012.
  • Alternatively: use a service like SendThisFile and email to

Video Specifications

  • When choosing between the MP4, MPEG4, MOV, FLV, WMV and AVI containers, MP4 or MPEG4 is the preferred option.
  • The video player size is: 640x480 (for regular 4:3 video)
  • Framerate: Please do not exceed 26fps. For a simple screencast, a setting of 5fps is likely sufficient.
  • Bitrate: Please record at a maximum bitrate of 1200 kbps.
  • Audio bit rate - 48 kbps.

For more detailed information, please review


Any questions at all, please let Crystal know!  Email: or phone 888-323-0133 ext 1