How to Write Homepage Copy That Grows Your Business

Part 1 of a 2-part training series on defining your unique value promise.

The lion's share of your web visitors will enter your site via the homepage, yet you have just seconds to convince them to stick around! Your homepage copy then-perhaps more than any other element of your website-is a powerful opportunity to win inquiries and ultimately land clients.

In this tutorial then, you'll learn a two-part process for rolling out the red carpet with nothing but your words.

Part 1: Defining Your Unique Value Promise (UVP)

No matter how much time, effort and money you spend on your website, it's all for not if the copy doesn't say anything compelling about you, your business and the solutions you offer. Yet knowing what to say and how to say it is challenging. However, if you can get clear on your unique value promise, you've won the battle and then some.

But what's a UVP, really?

In a nutshell, your UVP is that special something that sets you apart from everyone else. It helps your ideal client feel connected to you and cultivates a desire to work with you. And when you're super comfortable with your UVP (e.g. you recite it in your sleep), writing about all the reasons someone should hire you gets a ton easier.

A good UVP answers the following two questions:

  1. If I buy your product or service, what result or outcome can I expect?
  2. What quality or quantity makes your product or service a better choice than what the competition is offering?

The illustration below further explains how a UVP fits into your overall marketing strategy:

Graphic © 2010-11 Karri Flatla and snap! web marketing solutions

Your UVP should be obvious within the first couple of sentences of body copy on your homepage. There's no better way to let readers know if your solution is a "fit."

But before you try and put a fine point on your UVP, spend some time thinking about the different angles you could take with it. The more thought-and heart-you put into it now, the better equipped you are to write copy that resonates with your ideal customer.

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Two questions to help you brainstorm a great UVP:


  1. What's unique about how you deliver or create your solution? Consider the "flavour" you or your team adds to the customer experience. Being clear on this gives you a competitive advantage that's tough to replicate.
  2. What's the most compelling deliverable you offer? Put another way, if you could only solve one problem with one solution for your ideal customer, what would that problem-solution combo be?

If you're struggling to answer these questions, just write whatever comes to mind. Jot down additional thoughts and ideas over the next few days. Don't feel you must come up with "the magic" all at once.

In Part 2 of this tutorial, you'll finalize your UVP and then fill out a "what to say on my homepage" template that works for any small business or freelancer!


Karri Flatla is a conversation marketing strategist to entrepreneurs seeking to attract, engage and convert their right people online. Well known across the web for her sassy, take-no-prisoners style, Karri's tips and advice have been featured at Search Engine Guide, Fuel Net, Problogger's TwiTip, The Wealthy Freelancer Blog, and Alberta Venture and Smart Company magazines.

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