How to Write Homepage Copy That Grows Your Business – Part 2

Pulling it All Together for a Message That Pops (Part 2 of a 2-part training series on defining your unique value promise)

In Part 1 last week you learned what a UVP is. You then did some brainstorming to help you uncover what's unique and interesting about the solutions you provide customers. You might have even uncovered an angle you hadn't thought of before!

Now it's time to finalize your unique value promise and write the supporting copy for your homepage. No pressure here, but this copy has to grab your reader's attention and make him think, "Hey, this is for me!"

Here's a quick and easy template to help finalize your UVP:

We offer [result / solution] that [action-oriented value statement, including the desired RESULT for the buyer] to/for [insert target customer description here]

An example UVP:

"Karri Flatla designs conversation marketing strategies that enable entrepreneurs to attract, engage and convert their right customers online."

Now let's write that homepage copy!

While it usually contains the least amount of text, your homepage has a big job to do. Here's a quick and easy formula to help you develop a succinct yet compelling message for your visitors:

  1. Open with a compelling headline ("Home" or "Welcome" is not going to cut it!)
  2. Insert your Unique Value Promise. This is a much more interesting way to validate your reader than some boring old mission statement that drones on and on about how wonderful you or your company is.

    TIP: Homepages are big picture in focus. In turn, your copy should focus on "Big Bang" outcomes and value as it pertains to the reader's problems. Save the nitty-gritty details-including information about you-for other pages of your site.
  3. Bullet out or write a short paragraph or two outlining the supporting benefits (including outcomes) your customer can expect when working with you or your company.

    TIP: Replace "I" and "we" with "you" and "your" wherever possible. This personalizes the copy and forces you to write for the reader (not for yourself).
  4. Write a short paragraph or add a few bullets briefly outlining the main products or services you offer. Consider hyperlinking important offers where appropriate.
  5. Close with a hyperlinked call to action. For example: "Check out our free assessment tool to see which solution fits your needs." (Your call to action will be more specific than this. Be clear and descriptive.)

That's it! You've just written a homepage that's professional, conversational, and customer-facing.

Still feeling unsure?

Here's a little-known secret most copywriters won't tell you: there is no "perfect" web copy! In fact, your website copy is never done. Instead, think of it as a living, breathing, dynamic aspect of your marketing that evolves along with you and your business.

Now go publish that new homepage copy and get some clients!