How To Make A Stronger Connection With Potential Clients Who Visit Your Website

It usually comes as a shock to many freelancers when they check their website statistics and realise that the second most-visited page on their site is very often the About page.

This is a golden opportunity to make your About page more than just a boring potted history of you and your business. It allows you to make a real connection with someone who may be an ideal client.

Here are a few simple ways you can improve the effectiveness of your About page:

  • Share more of the real, authentic "you" - the person others can really and truly connect with and, ultimately, want to hire.
  • Showcase testimonials and what other people are saying about you. (In other words, establish credibility using external validation).
  • Encourage visitors to sign up to your newsletter or mailing list.
  • Highlight core content, your best articles or specific services you offer.
  • Specify which kinds of organizations you can help as clients.

As someone who crafts About pages for a living, I know that an effective About page can do all of the above and even more. However, there are a few core reasons that can prevent you from ever achieving these kind of results...

#1: You don't share the reason why your business exists.

The questionnaire I get clients to complete before I sit down to craft their "About" page often highlights a serious problem with their freelance business: a lack of clarity when it comes to their overall mission and purpose.

If you can't articulate the reason why your business exists (other than to earn you a living), then how do you expect your message to resonate with prospects, cause them to contact you and encourage them to refer you to others?

You need to be able to state why your freelance business exists. And you must be able to do that in a couple of succinct sentences. Think of this as your "story." The more "shareable" it is, the more people will likely connect with you and share your message with others.

#2: You don't know whom you're writing it for.

The real secret of your About page is that it shouldn't be all about you. It should be all about "them" - the clients and prospective clients your website is meant to serve. You're writing it for them, to help them get to know you better, to help them decide if you're a good fit for them.

Therefore, it helps to really know who these prospects really are. Think about what they'd like to know about you before they'll even consider working with you. And then make sure you've included this on the page.

#3: You don't know what value you're really bringing to the table.

You need to define what makes you and your business unique. Why should someone hire you over another freelancer? What value do you bring to the table? What do you offer that most other competitors don't?

Get clear on the true value you bring to your customers - and why a client should work with you and not someone else.

#4: You don't have a goal for your "About" page

Most About pages miss a golden opportunity to point visitors to another page or resource on the website. To determine what that next call to action should be, you must first ask yourself what the ultimate goal of your About page is.

Is it to get prospective clients to check out more of your site and the services you offer? Is it to get them to sign up to your newsletter? Is it to go straight for the bulls eye and get them to enquire about hiring you?

Whatever your goal, ending the page with a specific and strong call to action is critically important.

OK, here's your assignment...

Take a good look at your current About page.

Does it incorporate the elements above? These include:

  • The reason your business exists
  • Language that's tailored to your ideal clients
  • Communicating how and why you make life easier, better and simpler for your clients
  • A specific and direct call to action at the end of your page

If it's missing some or all of these components, add them now.

Your About page is very likely to be the second most important page on your website. Yet many people give it nothing more than a few minutes of their time by copying and pasting their standard bio.

Use this golden opportunity to connect with your ideal clients, and give your About page the attention it deserves.

Lea Woodward is a seasoned freelancer. She is the founder of, Location Independent and writes About pages for a living at