Why Use Google Alerts in Your Solo Business?

Step-by-step tutorial on how to set up Google Alerts and why they're so useful for solo professionals.

This episode is about how to use Google alerts, what they are, why they are important to solo professionals, and how easy they are to set up and start integrating into your daily practice.

Google alerts are email updates on important topics, topics that you specify that get delivered to your email inbox every day. So with this free service, Google will go out and search terms that you specify, collect all the instances of those search terms, and then send them to you each day so that you can quickly scan and see what's going on and happening out there.

Why should you use Google alerts? It's an easy way for you stay up to date on news and happenings. Things that are relevant and going on in your industry in terms of your clients as well as your prospects. Google alerts also allow you to build your knowledge and expertise in a certain subject matter.

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