A Foolproof Way to Get Out of a Slump

Hit a rough spot? Need to get your business back on track quickly? Ed Gandia shares some practical ideas on what it takes to get out of a slump -- faster!

I don't think there is a self-employed professional out there who's immune from hitting a rough patch every once in a while. Now a lot of the information we provide here at the academy will hopefully help you prevent a lot of these. But every once in a while you can't help it, things happen that are beyond your control, and you can get into a slump.

So if you're in a situation right now, I think a lot of the information that I'm going to provide here will be helpful for you. And if you haven't, still take good notes, because none of us again are immune from this. You'll find some actionable stuff in here you can put into practice.

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