The First Thing You Must Do When Life Hands You A Setback

The life of the solo professional can be a rocky road. When you encounter setbacks, rejection and disappointment, this one thing can put you immediately back on the path to success.

I see only the objective, the obstacle must give way." "“Bonaparte

The life of the solo professional can be a rocky road. Most of us who decide to go it alone do encounter our fair share of setbacks, rejection and disappointment.

What do you do when you encounter an obstacle on your path to success?

If you find you keep worrying about a certain obstacle, take this as sign that you haven't fully decided in your own mind that you can overcome it.

What obstacle on the road to success are you struggling with right now? Take this ten-second test to see if you've really decided to overcome it, or if you're still allowing it to influence your thoughts and actions...

First, think of something in your freelance business that's causing you anxiety or stress.

Now ask yourself, was this concern on your mind a week ago?

If the answer is yes, that means an entire week has gone by, and you're still allowing this obstacle to stress you out. Focusing on the obstacle like this saps your energy-vital energy you need in order to carry out the actions required to overcome that obstacle.

Until you whole-heartedly DECIDE you're going to do whatever it takes to overcome the setback that's taunting you, you find it impossible to overcome it.

To be more clear, every minute you spend worrying about the obstacle is one more minute you must wait before you can think about solving it.

Last I checked, we only had a finite amount of time on this planet, so let's not waste another second sabotaging our own success, instead, let's consciously decide to overcome the obstacle that's temporarily blocking our path.

For example, let's say you want to get new work as a freelance copywriter in the financial industry, but you've never done any financial copywriting before.

Is this an obstacle? Sure it is. So first of all, acknowledge it, which is easy to do. Simply say something like this to yourself: "Ok, I don't have any samples of work in the financial industry to show prospects."

Next say, "This is an obstacle, but it's not going to stop me." The simple act of saying these words "“ out loud and with passion "“ can snap you out of the worst funk and get you moving toward, rather than away from, your goals.

Take time to acknowledge the obstacles in your path, and consciously decide that they will not stop you. You'll be able to take them on with less anxiety and greater confidence.