Drink And Be Merry

Summary: Want to know a proven way to boost your energy and productivity almost immediately? It's super-easy to implement (no pain!). And it won't cost you anything. Plus, it will help prevent colds and the flu.

As we walked into Staples, my husband's eyes grew wide like a 10-year-old kid's.

There, right in front of him, in the center display, was the object of his desire.

But it wasn't some souped-up genius phone . . . or a razor-thin laptop that got him so jazzed . . .

No, it wasn't what you'd expect would get someone's attention at an office supply store . . .

It was the Soda Stream home seltzer-maker.

His excitement over this unusual piece of office equipment harkened back to his boyhood fantasies of having a soda machine at home. (Of course we'll be using fruit juice, not soda syrups to flavor this.)

I was excited, too. But for different reasons.

For me the SodaStream's prime spot at Staples gave me hope that a new era in healthy home businesses was on the rise.

Because if you toss out the ghastly orange energy drink mix sample that comes with the Soda Stream starter kit, you'll be literally tapping into one of the best ways to boost your productivity and stay healthy -

Like plants, if you just add water, you and your business will thrive.

Keep reading . . . because this is not going to be another drink-your-8-glasses-a-day sermon. By the time you're done reading this you'll be convinced that nothing will do your home biz more good than getting more H2O in your body each day.

And - while there are lots of new and exciting ways to drink more water each day (like the Sodastream) – I'm going to show you the easiest, most reliable way to make sure you're drinking enough.

By putting this simple action into play, you'll transform your day and your business as well.

The Life Source

Let's start off with a basic point - We're mostly water. (Women are about 55% water and men are 60%.) We're practically little bits of walking ocean with cell membranes sectioning us up.

According to the US Geological Survey, our brains are 70% water, our lungs are 90% water, and our muscles are 75% water. Even our bones are 22% water.

Every inch of our body has something to do with water.

And every aspect of our body needs water to work properly.

  • Most of the chemical reactions in our body require an aqueous environment.
  • Water helps your body digest nutrients, distribute them and absorb them into your cells.
  • It then helps your body get rid of toxins and debris that have built up each day.
  • It moves your immune system around.
  • It allows your body to communicate through the liquid hormones that course through your body.

Every day we go through about 2.4 liters of water. About the amount of a bottle of seltzer.

Without water we'd die.

So you're probably thinking, that's all very interesting and nice to know . . .

But what does this have to do with getting through another workday?

Okay, challenge is on. I'm not going to even try to convince you with the facts. Let's use experience . . .

Discover The Power Of Water

Step away from the computer a minute and head over to the kitchen
Get yourself a full glass of water - a full one. At least 12 ounces.

Now drink it down. All of it. Don't tote it over to your desk and sip it. Drink it all down.

For years I convinced myself I was drinking lots of water by always having a water glass with me. However, it wasn't until I shifted to this tactic that I really drank enough water . . . and experienced the results.

Okay - so drink the whole glass down in one standing - Got it?

So how do you feel?

Do you feel alert? Awake?

If you had a headache creeping on, you may find that it's started to fade away.

Do this a few times over the next few hours and take careful notes.

(Remember, don't just take a glass over to sip as you work - you'll deceive yourself that you're getting enough. Go drink it down right then and there. And then take something back to your desk with you.)

  • Do this every couple of hours or so.
  • Do this when you start to feel your attention lag or your energy wane.
  • Do this before you get something to eat.

You may discover that you're really not hungry - just thirsty. In fact when lunchtime rolls around, you may even pass up on dessert. You'll find you have fewer snack attacks.

Your eyes don't feel as red and itchy towards the late afternoon.

And when you look in the mirror, you'll see your face has fleshed out a little. Your skin looks healthier - your lines a little less evident.

And you just feel good - plain and simple.

And this is after only drinking more water over half a day!

Imagine what would happen if you did this for the whole day! For the week . . . Forever!

How Water Works As A Biz Booster

Okay, stand there for a minute and think about how much you don't get done because you feel draggy. Think about those days you feel like your head is stuffed with wads of cotton.

How many days do itchy, irritated eyes and headaches slow you down as you hit the late afternoon?

Water can wash away all these productivity-busters.

It's less expensive than coffee and has a hundred times the get-up-and-go power when applied regularly.

(In fact coffee actually robs your body of water since it acts as a diuretic, stimulating your body to release water. Notice how you often need to go pee after drinking caffeine?)

Water is the simplest miracle cure you'll ever experience.

More energy. Fewer headaches. Reduces snack attacks. And even smoothes out a few wrinkles and complexion problems. Pretty good stuff!

But it gets better . . .

A few years ago I wrote an article for Health Magazine that uncovered the problems with the flu vaccine.

For this article, I interviewed several health experts in order to suggest alternative ways to take on flu season and win.

Two of them - nationally-recognized respiratory health authority, Dr. Neil Schachter, author of The Good Doctor's Guide To Cold And Flu; and Dr. Randy Horowitz, medical director of the University of Arizona's Integrative Medicine Program - both told me the same thing:

Drink more water.

As I mentioned before, it's the main form of transportation for your immune system cells. But just as essential for your defenses, it keeps your mucus membranes healthy.

Your mucus membranes are your body's first defense against microbes with bad intentions. When your mucus membranes are healthy they can stop a virus invasion before it even gets started.

Think about how many days you lose because your kids brought home another virus to share with you. Think about those miserable phone calls with clients when you just want to collapse. Think about the scramble to catch up.

By drinking more water, you can ward off colds and flus, welcoming in more productive days of working on your business.

And you'll be even more ahead of the game by applying the hydration technique I talk about here. Unfortunately, too many health experts advocate using a humidifier to put moisture in the air during cold season. What they're not accounting for is a humidifier moistens the whole house - not just your mucus membranes, inviting in mold which can make you even more vulnerable to infections that don't leave.

(I've been there and done that, much to my misery!)

Simply drink lots of water and skip the humidifier. As Dr. Horowitz told me during my interview with him, "It's best to put water where you need it – inside of you."

Get More Water And Get Fired Up

So now you can see that getting more water in your body each day will give you energy, cut down on snack distractions and even keep the flu at bay.

All of these things will not only make you feel better but make your business stronger.

But most importantly, you know how to turn this knowledge into one simple, effective action:

  • Don't take a glass of water to your desk. Drink it down right then and there when you fill it. And then take a second one to sip.
  • Do this at least every couple of hours. Do this before each meal. Do this before and after you do a big workout.

Just this simple action will give you a hydration foundation on which to build the healthiest home business ever.

And then you can jog over to Staples and get that Sodastream seltzer maker for additional thrills . . .

About the Author:

Sarah Clachar/Your Healthy Home Biz

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