Frequently Asked Questions
The Client Attractor Lab

Since we opened the doors to The Client Attractor Lab, we’ve received a number of questions about how this private membership program works and how you can benefit.

We’ve responded to those emails individually. But we thought it would be a good idea to post our answers where everyone can see them.

Here are answers to some of the most common questions we've received so far.

(Have other questions we didn't address here? Don't hesitate to email me personally at

I don’t know if I want to be locked into a monthly program. Can I get out of it at any time if I’m not happy?

Absolutely! Here’s how the Lab works...

You have 30 days to check it out and decide if you want to stay on board. If you decide this is not for you, just let us know within those first 30 days. We’ll promptly refund your $29 fee. No questions asked, no hard feelings.

But let's say you decide to stay, and a few months later you want out of the program for whatever reason. No problem. Just go to your account area and click on the "Cancel" link. You will NOT be billed again, and your membership will stop at the end of your billing period. It's that simple.

Here's our promise: We will never, ever make you jump through hoops to cancel your Lab membership. That's unethical and just plain bad business.

How long do I have access to the International Freelancers Day Conference videos and the 4 bonus training classes?

As long as you’re a Lab member, access to these videos and training classes doesn’t expire. The only thing that expires is your ability to “lock in” these bonuses, which ends at 11:59 pm Eastern Time (New York Time) on Friday, August 26.

Why the August 26 deadline?

A few reasons. First, we believe in rewarding fast action. So those of you who sign up by 11:59 pm Eastern Time (New York Time) on Friday, August 26 will get access to some of our best training materials PLUS 23 presentations from the historic International Freelancers Day Conference last September. Collectively, these presentations are not available anywhere, at any price.

Second, we're NOT looking for thousands of new members here. We're looking for a committed group of folks who are serious about landing more and better-paying clients. We feel that setting a deadline encourages committed individuals to self-select and come on board.

Third, we want to be fair to our Lab members. We're providing a ton of quality training material, coaching and interaction for a very low monthly fee ($29). We want to reward their loyalty by keeping this content as exclusive as possible and not leaving membership open for non-committed people to casually come and go.

Are the 4 bonus classes worth listening to?

Absolutely! These aren’t the “leftover” audios so many others give away because there’s not much substance to them. These classes are actually some of our best materials. Each of them sold for up to $49 when they were available. We’re making them available at no extra cost to those of you who take fast action on this opportunity.

Collectively, they’re worth $154. That’s how much you’d pay if you bought them individually from our store.

Why are you now charging for your information?

Our weekly training episodes will remain free and will continue to offer proven high-quality ideas, tips and strategies. That won’t change.

However, many of you have expressed interest in more in-depth training in the area of attracting and landing more and better-paying clients. More proven step-by-step systems. More ideas. A chance to ask questions and get detailed, personalized answers — from us and from other successful solo professionals.

The Client Attractor Lab is a great way to get that level of in-depth training every month for a manageable fee

Do you accept PayPal?

Yes. When you click on the Add to Cart button on this page, you'll be taken to our "Checkout" page. Once you're on that page, just scroll down a bit and you'll see a PayPal button there. Click on the button and just follow the prompts.

What if I can't attend all of the monthly teleseminars?

Don’t worry. All members get access to the audio replay, a word-for-word transcript and action worksheets (if applicable) for every teleseminar. Plus, we already have more than 7 hours of archived teleseminar content in the Lab. You get immediate access to that content when you join.

What are the coaching calls all about?

The coaching calls are ideal for those who are looking for a little more customized information and feedback. They’re a great sounding board and a good place to turn to for specific questions about a specific situation or challenge you may be facing.

We've created a thread in the Forum where you can post your questions as you think of them. Ed (and occasionally a guest expert) will address each question submitted that much during the live call.

The next coaching call is on August 31 at 2:00pm Eastern Time.

I wish I had an extra $29 a month to spend. Will this price go down at some point?

We can appreciate that. However, we have no plans on discounting the membership fee. The value we're delivering for $29 a month is already very high.

In fact, private membership sites of this caliber typically run $50 - $100 a month. So if anything, these fees will go up as we add more benefits. However, when you join the Lab you "lock in" the current rate. So as long as you stay current, your monthly membership fee will NOT go up, even if they do rise next time we open registration for new members.

Have other questions we didn't address here? Don't hesitate to email me personally at