No one's picture of success is truly complete without one all-important ingredient: Freedom!

Think about it. When you create a solo business that lets you experience freedom fully and completely (not just once in a while), everything changes. You can now:

  • Pick the clients and projects you enjoy
  • Spend more time with your family
  • Slow down, reflect and relax
  • Create a truly portable business
  • Indulge in your hobbies
  • Learn a new skill
  • Take extended time off
  • Contribute more of your time to a worthy cause

There's a lot that goes into gaining this level of freedom. But chief among them is boosting your freelance income.

And that's true whether you're freelancing part time, half time or full time.

Why? Because when you earn more for every hour you put into your business, you have more freedom in your business and in your life.

It means you can work less without sacrificing your total income. Or you can keep the same hours but earn more during that time. It's up to you )€” you're in control.

And that's what International Freelancers Academy is all about. Our goal is simple: to teach you how to boost your income for every hour you put into your business. So you can make better choices, have more fun and live a richer life!

You'll Get Real Training Here - for FREE

Now... there's plenty of advice out there on how to grow your freelance income. But what you'll find here at the Academy is actionable training. Ideas, strategies and inspiration you can use right away to improve your business and your lifestyle.

In fact, every one of our weekly training episodes ends with an assignment, a key takeaway or an important next step. That way you can begin to apply what you've learned immediately. And see results faster.

So check out our FREE weekly training episodes. And make sure to grab your free pass to one of our recent training videos, where you'll discover how 22 freelancers recently turned their businesses around using a series of creative (and even offbeat!) business-building strategies.