A Simple 4-Step Formula to Convert More of Your Visitors Into Clients or Customers (Pt 3)

Summary: How many visitors to your site end up becoming your clients? In the third video of this series, D Bnonn Tennant teaches you how to increase your conversions by building desirability for what you're offering.

This is the third video in the series. Watch part 1 , Watch part 2

Bnonn is the author of 25 FREE video lessons on how to turn visitors into customers-part of his conversion-optimization course 'Attention-Thievery 101'. Known in the boroughs as the Information Highwayman, he helps small businesses get more out of their websites by improving both their copy and design. When he's not knee-deep in the guts of someone's homepage, he is teaching his kids about steampunk, Nathan Fillion, and how to grapple a zombie without getting bit.