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#026: A Hiring Manager Explains What He Looks for in a Freelancer
by Ed Gandia Summary: Craig has hired dozens of freelancers over the years. He works with them every day. And in this candid interview he explains what he looks for...
#025: Brian Casel on ‘Productizing’ Your Services
by Ed Gandia Summary: In today's interview, you'll hear from Brian Casel. Brian is a web designer who has transformed his freelance business from a service-based firm to one that offers "productized" services.
#024: Why So Many Women Struggle in Business — and What to Do About It
by Ed Gandia Summary: In this episode, my pal Coach Jenn Lee shares some very valuable insights on why so many self-employed women struggle — along with a few great ideas for breaking out of this damaging cycle.
#023: The State of Independence in America — What’s Happening in Today’s Freelance Economy
by Ed Gandia Summary: Ever since having MBO Partner's Gene Zaino on the show to discuss the new emerging models of freelance/client engagement, I've been meaning to have a separate discussion with him about the freelance economy — and specifically what his firm has uncovered via these comprehensive studies.
#022: Amy Porterfield on How to Generate Hot Freelance Leads with Facebook Ads
by Ed Gandia Summary: To explain how you can use Facebook to generate highly targeted leads for your freelance business, I've brought in one of the world's most recognized experts on the topic ... the one and only Amy Porterfield.
#021: Forget Goals! Focus on Habits Instead (Pt. 2 of 2)
by Ed Gandia Summary: This week's podcast is the last part of an important discussion on habit development techniques. I've brought in my colleague James Clear, who will delve deeper into the topic.
#020: Forget Goals! Focus on Habits Instead (Pt. 1 of 2)
by Ed Gandia Summary: In this week's podcast episode, I explain how I've shifted my approach to goal setting. And how focusing on habit development is changing my life and my business.
#019 How MBO Partners Is Changing the Way Freelancers Work with Clients
by Ed Gandia Summary: In this episode of the Smarter Freelancing podcast, Ed talks with Gene Zaino about how MBO Partners is changing the way freelancers work with clients by filling a critical gap and giving many independent workers a true competitive edge.
#018: Taking Bolder and Smarter Risks in Business and in Life: An Interview with’s Tyler Tervooren
by Ed Gandia Summary: In this episode of the Smarter Freelancing podcast, Ed talks to Tyler Tervooren on taking bolder and smarter risks in business and in life.
#017 Jason Blumer on When to Hire an Accountant — and How to Pick the Right One for You
by Ed Gandia Summary:  In this episode of Smarter freelancing podcast Ed talks to Jason Blumer on When to Hire an Accountant.