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#033: How to Adapt Your Freelance Business to a Rapidly Shifting Marketplace, with Tristan Kneschke
by Ed Gandia Summary: In this interview, you'll hear why Tristan made critical changes to his business with the economic downturn. And you'll discover how he made these shifts and why they've paid off.
#032: RC Peck on How to Have a Stress-Free Conversation with Your Prospects
by Ed Gandia Summary: In this episode, you'll hear from RC Peck, a seasoned pro at having productive and highly effective prospect conversations.
#031: Michael Port on Booking Yourself Solid
by Ed Gandia Summary:  In this interview with Michael Port, author of Book Yourself Solid, I asked him how a freelancer could generate  success in today's competitive environment. It was fun to finally have a conversation with someone who shaped my thinking when I was freelancing part time while working my day job.
#030: Jenn Lee on How to Get a 10X Return on Your Next Conference
by Ed Gandia Summary: In this interview, my good friend Coach Jenn Lee shares some super-practical tips and ideas we can all use to get a 10X (or better!) return on the conferences and events we attend.
#029: David Nihill on Using Humor to Become a Better Public Speaker
by Ed Gandia Summary: In this episode, David Nihill explains what you need to do to become a more effective and engaging speaker. And he shares some interesting ideas on product creation and developing a platform.
#028: How Focus@Will Improves Focus, Productivity and Creativity
by Ed Gandia Summary: In this episode I've brought on Focus@Will's Founder and CEO Will Henshall. He'll explain what it is, why it works and what's behind the technology.
#027: Value Pricing with Kirk Bowman
by Ed Gandia Summary: In this interview, Kirk Bowman will explain what value pricing is all about ... whom it's for ... how you can use it to grow your business ... and how you can deploy it, even if you start small.
#026: A Hiring Manager Explains What He Looks for in a Freelancer
by Ed Gandia Summary: Craig has hired dozens of freelancers over the years. He works with them every day. And in this candid interview he explains what he looks for...
#025: Brian Casel on ‘Productizing’ Your Services
by Ed Gandia Summary: In today's interview, you'll hear from Brian Casel. Brian is a web designer who has transformed his freelance business from a service-based firm to one that offers "productized" services.
#024: Why So Many Women Struggle in Business — and What to Do About It
by Ed Gandia Summary: In this episode, my pal Coach Jenn Lee shares some very valuable insights on why so many self-employed women struggle — along with a few great ideas for breaking out of this damaging cycle.