The “Factor of 3” Challenge: Achieving Uncommon Success By Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone

Summary: In this episode, I'll show you a different and more effective approach to accomplishing your biggest goals.

In this training episode, I'll explain why the standard advice many success gurus talk about keeps us from realizing our biggest dreams. I'll then introduce you to a new concept: The "Factor of 3 Challenge."

I'll show you why it's a much more sensible approach to accomplishing your biggest goals. And I'll arm you with simple and practical ideas for implementing it starting TODAY.

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I used to hate prospecting (image)

  • Joanne

    Wow, couldn't have been more timely. I've been dealing with the panic issue this weekend. What you had to say really spoke to me and gave me the courage to keep moving forward. Thanks.

  • Jorge

    Very inspiring!. Great job Ed!.

    • edgandia

      Thanks, Jorge!

  • Katherine_Andes

    Ed, this may be your best video yet. I'm going to watch it again and again. It's down-to-earth, yet very inspiring. I, too, liked the part at the end about being open to new business possibilities ... I'm going to forward this link to some friends. Thanks, so much!!!!

    • edgandia

      Oh, wow! Thanks for that, Katherine! You just made my day. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Great to hear this message resonated. And thanks for spreading the word.

  • Agatha

    Thanks Ed, it's so true, we need to keeping building from the little wins in life.....keeping motivated is tough in today's climate. Thank you for outlining the factor of 3.

    • edgandia

      Awesome, thanks! Appreciate your checking it out and sending me feedback.

  • Clara Mathews

    Again, you have given me the inspiration and knowledge I need to improve my freelancing business.

    • edgandia

      Thank you, Clara!

  • phbrowne

    Excellent the concepts. Would love to see a video that dives into goal setting...or rather goal achieving.

    • edgandia

      Thanks! Good idea. Will address that separately in a future episode.

  • Charlotte

    Well, that really got me thinking. I've been in the comfort zone FAR too long. Time to edge my way slowly toward panic I think! Thanks Ed.

    • edgandia

      Panic is good! When approached this way. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • I'm panicking and I haven't set my goal yet! Re-reading "the wealthy freelancer" and trying not to sell myself short... thank you very much Ed, this quick win advice will really help me!

    • edgandia

      Thank YOU for checking it out!

  • Indeed, thanks a bunch Ed! Loved the way you explained the Factor of 3, and gave real-world examples. It's nice to see how I could apply this to all aspects of my life, not just my freelancing life.

    The "Be Open to Possibilities" really resonated with me, as I've been struggling with a couple of things this week. Sometimes it's hard to be open, but I know the struggle is worth it in the end. So I'm trying to keep my mind open, and seeing everything that's out there.

    Cheers, Ed!

    • edgandia

      Awesome! Thanks for the feedback, Julia. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Alan

    Whoa Ed, you pressed all the hot buttons with this episode and the timing couldn't have been better. I was sitting with a group of men last evening and this very topic came up...about intentional setting audacious goals. Your explanation of the 3 zones...comfort, learning and panic...really clicked with me and made perfect sense. The value of understanding how to use all three zones to empower you in reaching those bold "stretch" goals is priceless. "Baby steps, quick wins and being open to the possibilities" simple, yet we feel compelled to complicate it.

    • edgandia

      Love it when the timing is perfect! Great to hear, Alan. Thanks for your feedback. Baby steps all the way!