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Thriving in a Struggling Profession: An Interview With Freelance
Photographer and Videographer Tom Hoebbel

[DAP errMsgTemplate="SHORT"] Tom Hoebbel is an Ithaca, NY–based freelance commercial photographer and videographer who works mainly with small and large businesses and non-profit organizations. In a profession that has struggled as a result of the slow economy and shift in market trends, Tom’s business is booming!

In this audio interview, you’ll learn how Tom has:

  • Grown a profitable freelance business through word of mouth marketing.
  • Turned networking into a weekly habit that keeps his project pipeline healthy—and why it’s directly responsible for 20% of his annual income.
  • Maintained a steady flow of local work in his relatively small community.
  • Created more loyal clients as a result of implementing simple “customer service” practices.
  • Reworked his service mix to focus on projects and services that are growing and are in high demand.

Regardless of your profession, this interview will provide you with some good ideas, interesting insights and a good dose of inspiration.


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