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The 7 Essential Pillars for Building a
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Many freelancers mistakenly believe that the more they know, the more they'll earn. Or that better technical skills in their profession will automatically translate to more clients, more projects and a higher income.

Yes... more knowledge and greater skills are important. But a look at highly successful freelancers in every field shows that there are other key factors at play.

Factors that have a much bigger bearing on your overall success as a solo professional.

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The 7 Essential Pillars for Building a Rock-Solid Freelance Business is a free and detailed 7-part online course and ongoing email newsletter where you'l discover:

  • The biggest determining factor of freelance success... and why you must focus on doing this smarter and better
  • How to take away the fear of selling your services
  • A different (yet powerful!) way to look at your workday for increased performance
  • A simple and systematic way to determine if a prospect is a good fit for you (you'll save yourself a lot of time and frustration with this formula!).
  • The surprising reason many clients will hire you over and over again and refer you to their colleagues
  • The biggest reason freelancers quit - and how to easily avoid this
  • Smart and simple ways to improve your cash flow
  • How to set the right strategic direction for your solo business
  • How to sustain a high income month to month and avoid much of the instability so many freelancers struggle with
  • And much more!

Best of all, it's free. In fact, this course doesn't sell anything!

So why am I doing this? Well... I have a huge passion helping freelancers improve their businesses. And I love sharing my proven (and often controversial!) ideas with people. Especially in this challenging economy.

Yes, at some point, I may put a price tag on this baby. But for now, it's yours — gratis.

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Ed Gandia
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