The Client Attractor Lab

The Client Attractor Lab is a private membership site within International Freelancers Academy. Its sole focus is to help you attract and land more and better-paying clients.

It includes the following 4 components:

members only forum

The Lab's members-only forum is a great place to get feedback from Ed and from other Lab members. As well as an ideal place to share ideas and accomplishments... get answers to difficult challenges... find accountability partners... and get support and encouragement.

coaching calls

Each month at the Lab there's a live coaching call. You’ll get to ask Ed (and occasionally a guest expert) questions about your specific marketing, prospecting, sales or pricing/quoting challenge or situation.

We've set up a special section of the forum where you can post questions you want addressed in these calls. And during the call, Ed will answer them all. He'll also occasionally bring in a trusted subject matter expert to help me go even deeper with some of the answers.

This is an opportunity to get sound advice and feedback without paying the full price of a one-on-one coaching session.

monthly teleseminars

Growing your knowledge base is one of the most important investments you can make in your solo business. And our monthly teleseminars provide you with the in-depth, actionable training you need to attract and land better-paying clients.

Plus, you have access to our growing library of teleseminars. Each comes complete with transcripts, handouts (where applicable) and MP3 files for your computer, iPod or other MP3 player.

How Will You Benefit from Your 'Lab' Membership?

Here's what you can expect:

  • A place you can turn to when you have specific questions about marketing, prospecting, sales or pricing/quoting challenge or situation
  • A fun, smart and committed group of freelance professionals in a variety of fields
  • A great place to network and make connections with people who can help you
  • Opportunities for potential partnerships and cross-promotion with complementary freelancers and service providers
  • New, fresh, smart, proven and practical ideas for attracting more and better-quality clients
  • The ability to get feedback on a prospecting, sales, or quoting challenge from others who may have tried similar approaches
  • Inspiration when you need it most, from seasoned pros who have overcome great challenges through hard work, persistence and smart strategies
  • Accountability — a group of peers who will help you stay on track and accountable to yourself
  • Sound advice for a fraction of what you'd pay to work one-on-one with a coach

How Do I Join?

The Client Attractor Lab is currently closed to new members.

But don't worry, we'll be opening enrollment again in early 2012. Until then, we'd like to offer you our free 80-minute teleseminar:

"11 Turnaround Strategies to Revitalize Your Solo Business."

In this FREE content-packed video, you’ll learn:

  • How to rapidly take your business from a slump to a sizzling success.
  • 11 ways to boost your income starting this year.
  • Creative “business makeover” strategies proven to work in any economy.
  • How to add more fun an excitement to your solo business.
  • Detailed examples and advice from 22 freelancers in a variety of professions.
  • And much more!

You’ll also an 8-page workbook summarizing all of the strategies, examples and key points. And you get the full PDF transcript. Plus the audio version for your iPod or MP3 player!

You'll also get updates when we publish free training episodes and other cool free bonuses. And you'll be on our notification list when we open enrollment to the Lab again.

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