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Silver members of International Freelancers Academy have full access to our library of members-only training episodes, success-story interviews, mini how-to guides, checklists and other helpful tools:

A Simple and Stress-Free Project-Scheduling System
(Tutorial) Ed Gandia shares his simple, yet effective, capacity-scheduling tool to help you estimate your workload more easily.

A Simple System for Achieving Your BIG Life Goals
(Tutorial)  Pete Savage walks you through how to set your daily schedule so that you’re always making progress toward your important life goals.

Need Work NOW? How to Land $1,000 - $3,000 in One Day from Existing Clients
(Mini how-to guide) In this how-to guide, Ed Gandia explains how he consistently lands work fast (and when he needs it most) from those who already know and trust: existing and previous clients.

Thriving in a Struggling Profession: An Interview With Freelance Photographer and Videographer Tom Hoebbel
It’s the first episode of our series on successful freelancers. We’ll be profiling and interviewing successful solo pros to learn more about what strategies and approaches are working for them today.

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