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Upcoming Product Launch: "Warm Email Prospecting:
How to Land Clients Faster With Short and Inviting Email Messages"

I created this page to provide you with more information about our upcoming product launch. Rather than bombarding you with information via email or phone, I though it would be easier to concentrate all of the information in one spot.

On this page you'll find the following:

  • Key dates for this upcoming launch
  • How exactly we'll be launching this product in late April
  • Different promotion ideas
  • How you can maximize your commissions

I'll be in touch with you directly, but if you have any questions call me anytime (770-419-3342) or email me. I'm here for ya! 😉

What's This "Email Prospecting" Product About?

Over the years I've developed a very powerful method for "cold calling" prospects via email. These are NOT email blasts. And it's not about using Constant Contact or Aweber, or about trying to automate your email prospecting efforts in any way.

These are simple, short and highly personalized email pitches that are VERY powerful. That's because they're very relevant, timely, personalized and short.

Which explains why the get such great results!

Now, the idea is NOT to get hired through this initial email. The idea is to get the prospect to reply to the email and start a dialogue with you. And that's key, because that's where most self-employed professionals have the most trouble: getting a prospect to essentially say, "That sounds interesting, tell me more."

Who's the Target Audience?

I originally created this course for freelancers in all professions. However, the ideas, tips and strategies would be directly applicable to ANY self-employed service provider, creative agency or small firm/company selling a service. This includes:

  • Freelancers in ALL fields (not just creatives)
  • Consultants
  • Coaches
  • Salespeople
  • Accountants and bookkeepers
  • Virtual assistants
  • Speakers
  • Trainers
  • Marketing or PR firms
  • Ad agencies
  • Most small firms or businesses selling professional services

It's especially appealing to people who either HATE marketing their services OR don't seem to have enough time to do so (or both!).

How is the Course Delivered?

The course is fully online. There is a group coaching-call component (more of a group Q&A call) and a personal evaluation of every student's email scripts (more on that later). But the whole thing is online. Also, customers have lifetime access to the content.

All of the material is available immediately after purchase (it's not time-released). The first coaching call will occur about 2 – 3 weeks after the end of the launch. The second coaching call will take place 30 - 45 days after the first call.

Where Can I See The Course?

Email Crystal at and she'll hook you up with your own login credentials.

What's Included in the Course?

As you'll see, this is a very comprehensive program. There are 7 modules plus an introduction. Each module contains anywhere from one to five lessons, each lesson averaging 15 minutes or so.

The course also includes the following:

  • Full transcripts for each lesson (all transcripts are neatly laid out in a PDF e-book format for improved readability)
  • Worksheets
  • Handouts
  • Sample email scripts
  • Recordings of our 6 coaching calls from previous launches of this same program
  • "How to Email Important People" – a 45-minute info-packed webinar by James Clear, put together specifically for students of this program
  • "7 Proven Ways to Land Work From Current and Past Clients Using Warm
    Emails" – a 60-minute teleseminar where I explain very specific creative techniques to generate work from current and dormant clients using very short and simple emails (PDF handout + actual email scripts included).
  • The Quality Client Machine – My FULL program on how to prospect for clients using direct mail. This is a real product. I've sold it for $97 in the past but haven't re-launched it recently. The only way you can get it is as a bonus to the Warm Email Prospecting program.
  • Other unadvertised bonuses I'll be announcing and releasing in December (I love to surprise and delight students! 😉

Students also get a personalized evaluation (by me) of one of their email scripts. This alone is a big-value item, since I charge clients a minimum of $150 to do a short copy critique.

Finally, the course comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. We will immediately refund the full purchase price to anyone who's not happy with the course. We take refund requests seriously and do NOT play games or try to talk the customer into keeping the product. Happy customers are TOP priority for us.

How Has This Course Sold Before?

May 2011: I initially launched this product in late May. I sold 125 units at $97 each. The launch was promoted to my list only (there were no JVs involved).

I did NOT create a launch list for this initial launch. Instead, I promoted to my full list, which at the time was about 13,000 subscribers.

So essentially I had about a 1% conversion rate. That's not great. However, considering that I promoted the course to the entire list (rather than to those who "self-selected" to receive info on this particular topic), the conversion rate was not horrible, either.

Also noteworthy is the fact that we had ZERO returns on this launch, which I think speaks to the quality of the material. I'm not saying that's going to be the case for every re-launch, but this was the only launch we've done where we had no refunds.

December 2011: I re-launched this program with great success. We DOUBLED the price ($197) yet sold 162 units (a 29.6% increase!). Part of the increase came from two JV partners who promoted the product for us. Together these two partners generated 40 sales.

A few important JV partner earnings metrics from this re-launch:

  • Average JV partner earnings per lead: $6.05. Basically, we created a separate JV mailing list for this launch. Each JV sent people to a landing page where they could sign up to receive free training on warm email prospecting. Based on these numbers, if you send 1,000 leads to this launch, you could potentially earn about $6,000 in commissions. This is merely an observation based on real numbers from this previous launch
  • Conversions: 5.6% of leads converted to a sale. This means that 5.5% of the people who opted in to get my free training videos on how to do warm email prospecting enrolled in the program (more on this below). That's a strong conversion ratio.

May 2012: We sold 246 units, a 52% increase from the December launch. The price held steady at $197. Of those 246 sales, 147 were JV partner sales. Other key metrics from this launch:

  • Average JV partner earnings per lead: $5.15. This means that if you send 1,000 leads to this launch, you could potentially earn about $5,100 in commissions. This is merely an observation based on real numbers from the previous launch. There's no guarantee you would do this well or better.
  • Average JV partner earnings per click: $1.70. This means that for every 1,000 clicks you send to either the prelaunch training content or to the sales page, you could potentially earn about $1,700. Again, there's no guarantee you would do this well or better.
  • Conversions: 5.5% of leads converted to sales. This means that 5.5% of the people who opted in to get my free training videos on how to do warm email prospecting enrolled in the program (more on this below). That's a strong conversion ratio. To put this in perspective, if only 123 of your subscribers opt-in to get my free training during the pre-launch phase of this launch, this could potentially translate into $1,000 in commissions for you ->(123 opt-ins x 5.5% conv rate) x (50% commission on $297) = $1,000

How Will the Course Be Re-launched?

For this launch I'm applying many of the methods taught by Jeff Walker in Product Launch Formula.

One of the key elements of this approach is creating a "launch list," which is basically a marketing funnel dedicated to promoting the program. This allows me to focus the promotion and the value-added content only on prospects who are interested in this topic.

The value-added content will be a series of instructional pre-launch videos. To access those videos, prospects will need to opt in via a squeeze page. Those who opt in will receive notifications every time I release another educational video. They will also receive promo emails once the product is available for sale.

What Are the Key Dates?

Fri, 10/26 – First prelaunch video announced

Tue, 10/30 – Second prelaunch video announced

Fri, 11/3 – Third prelaunch video announced

Mon, 11/5 – Enrollment opens

Fri, 11/9 – Enrollment closes

What Is the Price? What About Payment Terms?

For this launch, we're moving the price up to $297 (it's been $197 for almost a year now). Considering the fact that students get access to me (via 2 coaching calls) AND a personal evaluation of their email script AND a series of very real bonuses, this is still a heck of a deal. Just one new client from this strategy and this baby will pay for itself many times over.

To help boost sales, I'm also going to offer a 3-payment option:

  • First payment: $117 (charged upon purchase)
  • Second payment: $117 (charged 30 days after purchase)
  • Third payment: $117 (charged 60 days after purchase)

Who Else Will Be Promoting This Launch?

I'm looking for about 5 committed JV partners for this launch. Nothing crazy. I want to be able to work individually with each partner to help maximize their earnings. Four partners have already committed to promoting for this launch, so I'm looking for about 4 more.

What Is the Commission Rate, and When Will They Be Paid?

You will earn a 50% commission on the total sale price for all net sales (meaning non-refunded and fully paid purchases). I pay commissions on the total sale price, not on profits (better for you!). I personally absorb all credit card processing, administrative and sales costs. This means you'll earn $148.50 for every "one-payment" sale and $175.50 for every "3-payment" sale.

Commission payments are based on collected funds and will follow this schedule:

  • December 17, 2012: 85% of all your affiliate sales collected in November (net of any refunds)
  • January 17, 2012: 100% of all your affiliate sales collected in December, .
  • February 18, 2012: 100% of all your affiliate sales collected in January (net of any refunds), PLUS remaining balance from December's refund allowance (net of any refunds).

The 15% deduction from the December payment is our allowance for any refunds, skipped payments or declined credit card charges on the payment plan during the 30-day guarantee period. We will include that balance (net of any refunds) in your February payment.

Form of Payment: We can pay you via PayPal or a paper check. Just let us know what you prefer.

How Can I Maximize My Total Commissions?

One trend that has remained consistent during both of these JV partner launches is the direct correlation between partners who mail early in the pre-launch cycle and the total commissions they generate for themselves.

Partners who mailed either late in the pre-launch cycle or waited to mail once I opened enrollment (therefore skipping the pre-launch phase), did NOT do nearly as well.

Here are the numbers from the last launch:

Avg. Commissions/Click

(mailed during pre-launch)

Avg. Commissions/Click

(did NOT mail during pre-launch)



The most important thing you can do is to mail early in the pre-launch phase (specifically between 10/26 and 10/30). We've built a proven marketing funnel that will maximize the number of leads that turn into sales. And keep in mind that all of your leads are tracked at every stage of the process! So if you send a lead over during pre-launch and they end up enrolling in the program during the enrollment period 2 weeks later, you'll get the credit.

In fact, our cookies remain active for life. So if one of your leads doesn't enroll now but does so next year, you'll still get credit for that sale.

The next best time to mail is the day enrollment opens (11/5). Typically 30% - 40% of our sales come in the first day of enrollment.

The next best time to mail after that is the last day of enrollment (11/9). Here again, 30% - 40% of our sales come in on the last day.

But again, if you can only mail once, the BEST time to do so is between 10/26 and 10/30! (The closer to 10/26 the better). This pre-launch period is when your subscribers will gain a ton of value, which really helps drive sales conversions once we open enrollment. Plus, it helps them better understand the value of this successful approach to landing great clients faster.

And Here's Yet Another GREAT Way to Drive More Sales...

Offer a special bonus to people who buy the course via your affiliate link! If you have a digital product that would complement this course in some way, consider giving it away as a bonus to those who buy using your link.

Teleseminar recordings, webinar replays, e-books, reports, online courses — they all make great bonuses and are a proven way to drive sales in your favor. Plus, there are no fulfillment costs when your bonus product is digital.

How Do I Sign Up to Be a JV for This Launch?

Please check with me first to make sure you're not already set up as an affiliate/JV. If you're not, we'll get you all set up.

How Can I Track My Performance During the Launch?

Our affiliate-tracking system enables you to log in and track your clickthroughs and sales at any given time. We'll soon send you a link where you can access that information during the launch.

Swipe Copy

As we get closer to the launch, I'll send you some swipe copy you can use "as is" or edit as you'd like.