IFD 2010 Sessions

How Facebook Can Supercharge Your Freelance Business

PRESENTER: Michael Stelzner

In this action-packed session, Michael Stelzner, founder of SocialMediaExaminer.com, shares why and how your freelance business can benefit from Facebook. He'll share some real examples and many valuable tips that help you better engage and grow a loyal Facebook following--a critical key to marketing and selling on Facebook.

Create a killer network to build and boost your business


Your success as a freelancer depends as much, if not more, on the people you know as the strength of your skills. In this segment, entrepreneur expert Pamela Slim describes the three circles of mentors required to build a thriving business, and specific tips for recruiting great people who will help you learn skills, grow your audience and explode your sales.

How to Determine if There's a Viable Market for Your Freelance Services!

PRESENTER: Pete Savage

Ever wonder if there is indeed a viable market out there for you?

In this session, Pete Savage, bestselling author of The Wealthy Freelancer teaches you six key questions that will help you determine if the market is ready for what you have to offer.

This session is especially useful for any novice or seasoned freelancers who keeps coming up against the issue of "where to find new clients."

If you feel like your freelance business is suffering from a lack of focus, or if you've ever experienced anxiety over "finding your niche" this session is a must-watch.

Facebook Marketing Success Secrets for Solo Professionals


Facebook has significant implications for freelancers and solo professionals. It’s the largest online social networking platform boasting over 500 million active members. Over half of all active members logon daily for an average session time of 55 minutes – that’s a HUGE captive audience! There’s no question Facebook is an extremely powerful marketing platform that you can use to dramatically increase your business. But, it’s also extremely complex and is always evolving! During this information-rich session, Mari will reveal many of her secrets to creating effortless success on Facebook, including:

* How to easily and comfortably keep your personal life totally separate from your professional life.
* How to control who sees what with recommended privacy settings for your peace of mind.
* Simple ways to filter out all the “noise” and focus on what’s important in your News Feed.
* The six strategies you must adopt to build a powerful Facebook fan page that yields real results.
* Mari’s Ninja one-click visibility strategies and timesaving content tips!

Workday Nirvana: How to remain inspired and productive when you work alone

PRESENTER: Mike McDerment

Working freelance can mean a lot of time spent working alone, often from home. This session will offer some useful tips and tricks for how to manage your workspace, and how to keep yourself motivated and feeling connected with the rest of the world.

The Master Marketing Formulaâ„¢ to Landing Great Clients

PRESENTER: Steve Slaunwhite

There are four steps to attracting all the great-paying clients you need. Do you know what those steps are? If you don't, then landing decent clients is always going to be a struggle for you. But if you do, and can implement those four steps effectively, you'll be able to bring in a lot more business with a lot less effort.

In this session, marketing coach and award-winning copywriter Steve Slaunwhite will walk you through the 4-step "Master Marketing Formula" for getting ideal clients.

Once you know this formula, and use it, you'll be able to identify, approach and land the clients you want -- consistently and more easily.

How to Build Your Brand As a Freelancer

PRESENTER: Dan Schawbel

If you're a freelancer, or an aspiring freelancer, then you have to focus on building your personal brand. In this video, Dan Schawbel will teach you how to select a niche, build a profile through freelance projects, and market yourself using the latest tech tools. You will learn how to create your own brand strategy, develop online marketing materials, and then use social networks, blogs, and the media to get your name out there. You will benefit from this presentation by attracting new freelance opportunities, gaining respect in your industry, and building a profile that will stay with you for your entire career.

How to Attract Freelance CLIENTS with Your Blog (Not Other Freelancers)

PRESENTER: Michael Martine

Blogging as a freelancer to get clients isn't as easy as you think, but it can be done if you know what to do... and just as importantly, what to avoid. If it seems that the only people reading your blog are your competition because they're also looking for clients, be sure to attend this session. Here are some of the points covered:

• How to use industry news to appeal to your prospects
• How to get your prospects to imagine success with you
• How to market without selling or bragging in a way that prospects actually love
• How to provide useful posts and still attract clients
• The deep secret to freelance blogging success (that has nothing to do with your blog--nor is it "attitude")

What Kind of Entrepreneur Are You? Knowing the Rules of the Game You're Playing to Win

PRESENTER: Liz Strauss & Carol Roth

A session with Liz Strauss and Carol Roth
What does it take to be a successful entrepreneur?

Whether you've started a business or are thinking of starting one, find out what successful entrepreneurs do, think and know about their businesses.

Learn the benefits of and issues with the different types of businesses you can create so that you can maximize your success.

Get rock solid advice on the realities, risks and rewards of business ownership and learn the challenges and opportunities for women in business. Come define your irresistible offer -- the one that sets you apart as the best and most trusted source. Learn how to negotiate by listening and aligning your goals with your hero / customers to grow your business and attract a community that can't help but share you with their friends.

How to Trigger The Big 5 Subsconscious Buy-Buttons Without Feeling Like A Slick Idiot

PRESENTER: Jonathan Fields

It doesn’t matter if you're selling a product or a service. Or whom you're selling to. Or what’s going on in the economy. Human nature is guided by a deeply rooted set of emotional drivers or "triggers" that have remained unchanged for thousands of years. In this presentation, Jonathan Fields will take you into the world of the ethical persuasionist and reveal a set of 5 critical elements of persuasion that, once mastered, lay the foundation for a giant leap in influence and sales.

7 Productivity Secrets To Make Your Best BETTER!

PRESENTER: Jason Womack
In this immediately practical session, Jason Womack, cofounder of WomackCompany.com, shares how your personal and professional productivity habits and results are intertwined. As an executive performance mentor, Jason is the coach to industry leaders at such companies as New York Life Insurance, the US Navy, the Tuck School of Business, EADS-NA, University of California, Berkeley. Knowing how you are productive is the key to improving your productivity.

In this session, Jason will share 7 keys to productivity, some from his recently coauthored book: The Promise Doctrine and some from his soon-to-be-published book, "Why Wait? Your Best Just Got Better." In just 30 minutes learn techniques that will give you back valuable time to focus, produce, review, and relax every day.

Content Rules: What Stories, Blogs, Video & More Should Be Doing For You

PRESENTER: Ann Handley
If you're wondering what constitutes "compelling" content, this session is for you. In this session, Ann Handley, Chief Content Officer of the wildly popular and highly respected Marekting Profs shows you:

* The Case for Content - And Why You Should Care
* What Others Are Doing to Create Compelling Content Right Now
* 9 Ways to Make Your Content RULE!

This session is packed with great examples and powerful advice from one of the web's foremost authorities on content creation.

How To Build Your Business By Creating Your Own Smarter, Faster, Cheaper Web TV Show

PRESENTER: David Siteman Garland

Close your eyes. Imagine being the host of your own Web TV show. Showing off your skills. Interviewing interesting people. Building up a pack (or army) of raving fans. Getting the opportunity to talk about what you love to a passionate community...and get paid for it. Imagine no longer!

It is no secret that we are in the midst of an online video gold rush. Freelancers and entrepreneurs are nabbing up digital space and eyeballs in a variety of ways and none may be more effective than creating your own Web TV Show. It used to be you had to have $1,000,000 cash, a team of 4949585 creatives and all kinds of expensive equipment and permission to create your own show (of any kind). Now the barriers have fallen and there is an incredible opportunity for YOU to jump in and create your own show by being smarter, faster, cheaper as opposed to dumber, slower, expensive.

In this non-boring, fluff-free session taught by the founder/host/writer of The Rise To The Top David Siteman Garland you will learn:

*Which show is right for you? How to pick the right show format for you, your business and personality
*Why interviews are "content platinum"
*Key smarter, faster, cheaper tools to get going
*The secrets of marketing and promoting your show
*5+ ways to monetize your show
*Behind-the-scenes tips and tricks
*Top mistakes to avoid
....and more!

By the end of the session of you will be ready to rock the web TV world.

5 Proven “Low-Tech” Ways to Land Profitable Clients


Freelancing is now the fastest growing segment of the labor force—up by 10 percent year to date, according to the SurePayroll Small Business Scorecard. But as more and more professionals join the ranks of the self-employed, the people who hire them are becoming overwhelmed with choice. Most of them simply don’t have time to evaluate all candidates. Yet, as hiring freezes continue, they need the help of experienced and reliable freelancers to complete key projects.

That’s why thousands of organizations that use freelancers are changing how they look for qualified talent. They’re turning to lower-tech methods that are proving to be both reliable and efficient in finding the right solo professionals. Freelancers who understand this shift stand to win big. Those who ignore it will likely struggle in the years ahead.

In this presentation, Ed Gandia will explain why this shift is occurring. He’ll discuss the five specific methods organizations are using to find better-qualified talent. And he’ll explain how freelancers and solo professionals can change their prospecting strategy to match this new reality—and to land more profitable clients. You’ll walk away with proven, actionable steps and ideas you can put into practice right away.

How to Land Bigger Freelance Clients

PRESENTER: Jill Konrath

In this session, Jill Konrath, author of SNAP Selling and Selling to Big Companies, will show you why you need to add bigger clients to your roster. Why it will help you grow and stabilize your freelance income. And HOW you can attract and win projects from these larger organizations. Another can’t-miss session, regardless of what freelance or consulting field you work in.

5 Tips for Increasing Your Competitive Advantage Over Other Freelancers

PRESENTER: Rebecca Matter

It’s very easy to compete most freelancers out there … but only if you know what clients truly value most.

In this action-oriented session, Rebecca Matter, Co-Managing Partner and VP of Marketing for American Writers & Artists Inc., will give you an insider’s look at five things you can do immediately to position yourself above your competition. She’ll also give you specific actions you can take to ensure your clients properly value you and your work, are willing to pay you what your worth (and then some!), and will continue to give you assignments again and again.

Become an Expert at Optimizing Web Content for Social Media

PRESENTER: Nick Usborne

11 Web content ideas that will get site pages shared far and wide through social media.

Optimizing web content for social media is a whole new niche opportunity for forward-thinking freelancers.

This presentation isn’t about how to use Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. It’s about optimizing web content so that thousands of readers will SHARE that content through Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.

Imagine how impressed your clients would be if you got one of their site pages on page one of Digg...or if it was retweeted 1,000 times on Twitter.

Optimization of web content for the search engines? Everyone does that. Optimizing web content for social media is a whole new discipline, and opportunity.

During this presentation Nick Usborne will share 11 ways in which you can optimize existing or new web content to dramatically increase the likelihood of it spreading far and wide across social media sites.

Of course, you can also apply the same principles and ideas to your own freelance website, and get your message in front of thousands of new prospective clients.

And you can do it today.

Transitioning from Freelancer to Creative Business Owner

PRESENTER: Michael Huggins

Many freelancers don't want to own a traditional firm. They're happy to be self-employed, working at home and doing creative work on behalf of their clients.

No problem with that!

But if you want more -- a "real" business that provides you with the higher income, greater prestige, and other benefits that come with owning a successful creative firm -- then you need to listen to what Michael Huggins has to say.

Author of Start & Run A Graphic Design Business (Self-Counsel Press), Michael has "been there, did that, and is still doing it!" He started his career as a freelancer and then made the transition to creative business owner.

In this presentation, he'll explain how to:

Position your creative firm for success
Hire the right employees, the first time
Keep costs down
Manage a creative team effectively
Consistently do quality work, with minimal project overtime.
Attract the best clients
Grow your business to exactly where you want it to be.
And much more.

If you dream of owning a financially successful creative firm, or are just curious, you don't want to miss this presentation.

12 Strategies for a “Well-Fed” Freelancing Career!

PRESENTER: Peter Bowerman

New to freelancing? Pondering the leap? Have a freelancing business but ready to take it to the next level? Join Peter Bowerman, veteran freelancer, commercial writer, popular speaker, and self-publishing author of the award-winning Well-Fed Writer series (www.wellfedwriter.com), as he shares ideas and strategies gleaned from nearly two decades of successful “pay-all-the-bills” freelancing. And all designed to make your freelance career more enjoyable, less stressful and a lot more profitable.

A sampling of topics to be covered:

• Don’t Fall Into the “Passion Trap”
• Understand What “Marketing” Is, and What It Isn’t
• Know What You’re Worth, and Get What You’re Worth
• Decide Why You’re In It
• Don’t Be Afraid to Be the Dunce

…And much more. No matter where you are on the freelancing spectrum, you’ll appreciate Peter’s wit and wisdom as you embark on your own freelancing adventure. Don’t miss it!

Negotiating Your Way to Success

PRESENTER: Michel Fortin

Pricing your work right and getting paid what you deserve is important to all freelancers. It’s also the most difficult and scariest area for budding freelancers. Charging too little, haggling with clients, and working for deadbeats can be more than a nuisance. It can become detrimental to your productivity, your career, even your health.

As a freelance copywriter and consultant for 25 years, Michel has experienced his share of bargaining, bickering, and just plain bad clients. In this presentation, he will reveal some of his experiences and insights, as well as his proven strategies on how to negotiate better rates.

For instance, he will show you how to price your work adequately, how to build the confidence in asking for the right price, how to get your clients to pay your price both quickly and cheerfully, and how to avoid common pitfalls when dealing with clients — particularly not-so-honest ones.

A Simple System for Landing More of the Work You Quote


How to Find the Names and Titles of Prospects Online – For FREE!

PRESENTER: Pete Savage

Creating a free report that attracts clients

PRESENTER: Steve Slaunwhite

How to Determine if There’s a Viable Market for Your Freelance Services!

PRESENTER: Pete Savage

How to impress clients and win more projects by asking better questions

In this video, Ed Gandia, co-author of The Wealthy Freelancer shows you how to win more freelance projects by asking better questions.