How to Land Large Corporate Clients

Summary: In this episode you will hear from Steve Slaunwhite about how to find the right companies to target and how to get your foot in the door.

position yourself as an expertCorporate clients are the main reason why I've consistently earned a six-figure income as a freelancer.

These clients are much more likely to have bigger budgets and a greater ongoing need for outside professionals.

But how do you find the right companies to target? And how do you get your foot in the door?

Steve Slaunwhite and I discussed these questions in a phone conversation a while back. This week's episode is the recording of that call.

You can play the call using the audio player below, or you can download it into your iPod or other mobile device. And for you readers out there, I've included the full PDF transcript. 😉

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steve slaunwhiteAbout Steve Slaunwhite

Steve Slaunwhite has more than 15 years' experience working with such prestigious clients as UPS, Hewlett-Packard and Sprint. His many copywriting awards include the Promo! Marketing Award for best B2B direct mail and The ACE Award for best promotion of a B2B publication.

Steve is the author of Start & Run A Copywriting Business, which is considered a classic in the field, and five other books, including the bestselling The Wealthy Freelancer.

To learn more about Steve and his resources, visit

  • This was terrific guys. You talked about finding companies that have a strong demand for freelance services. Any tips for how to gauge demand?

    • edgandia

      Bob - Several ways to do that, but basically if they sell products or services that don't just sell themselves, that's a clue that they'll need written materials to support the sale. Also, the more expensive and complex the product/service, the greater the need for marketing and sales content.

  • Amanda

    This was super helpful -- as usual! I especially benefited from the distinction between clients who need/want a "turnkey" service and those who are "big enough that [they] can put the pieces together [themselves]." I don't think you can take it for granted that all clients will be able to recognize and articulate this distinction, even for themselves -- there are a lot of assumptions out there about how "everybody" does things. It could explain some puzzling work situations I've encountered in which no amount of effort to clarify expectations up front has prevented surprises down the line, whether it's scope creep (surprise! we wanted the turnkey solution) or frustrating limits (that's sweet that you think you can help, but we had a much smaller role in mind for you). Maybe it's not surprising that it was a larger corporate client that put it into words for Steve. And maybe you guys are right that targeting larger corporate clients is the way to go, and I ought to finally listen to you. I'm excited about all the actionable ideas and information in this interview. Many thanks!

    • edgandia

      Awesome! Great to hear this was insightful, Amanda. Thanks for letting us know!

  • Tess C. Taylor, The HR Writer

    Thank you Ed and Steve for your insightful information! As an HR niche writer, I have been reaching out to more corporate level clients in this market and having fairly good successes (so far)! Your information helped to give me the confidence and more ideas to draft a more effective corporate copywriting proposal for a potential client this morning. One question: What would be your recommendations in terms of how to quickly get to the decision makers at companies since the marketing team is generally bombarded with requests like this? I know there isn't a one-size-fits-all answer to this, but maybe you could do a live event on this topic at some point in the near future? All the Best!

    • edgandia

      Hi Tess -- Thanks for your comment. Not sure I understand your question. Are you asking if/how we should be going after non-marketing people to get our foot in the door in these companies? Can you tell me a bit more?

  • Burlingtina Vines

    Thank you so much for sharing this valuable information. I just learned some great tactics to finding some new clients. Looking forward to putting this information to good use!

    • edgandia

      Super! Thanks for listening. Glad it was helpful. 😉