How to Get Paid Faster

How to get your clients to pay you 15 to 30 days faster on virtually every project.

In this training episode, we're going to talk about how to get paid faster.

Sometimes you encounter clients who just take too long to pay no matter what you do. And those are, of course, clients who you want to eventually move away from. But the fact is, very often it's the freelancer or the independent consultant who sets him or herself up for all of these payment delay problems simply by making some common mistakes before the project even begins.

Here are some common mistakes that cause payment delay:

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  • Robyn

    Great tips that will definitely work with small-medium clients. But what do you do with large entities (especially government) who won't do deposits and operate on a "NET 30" that really becomes NET 90, NET 120, or NET whenever-they-feel-like-it? How do you get THESE clients to pay you faster? I know so many other designers who regularly have to wait up to 6 months to get paid, even after invoicing promptly and according to the client's specifications.

    • edgandia

      The answer is not an easy one, but it's the only viable long-term solution when you're facing the situation you just described -- don't work for those types of clients! It's not something you can typically do in the short run. But if it were me, I would put together a 1-yr plan to gradually transition away from those clients and into clients that will pay faster and with less hassle.

  • Casey Hibbard

    GREAT tip Pete! I agree that Option B makes sense. I've been too lax about when I invoice. Thanks so much.

  • Ann Shannon

    Thanks for the information, I will use both options.

  • Marbry

    Option B is brilliant! Wish I had implemented it sooner!

  • Deena Madnick

    Your technique for getting paid faster sounds like a win/win solution for both freelancer and client. Thanks for sharing.