Frequently Asked Questions

What's International Freelancers Academy all about?

International Freelancers Academy is all about helping freelancers, consultants and solopreneurs transform their solo businesses. We do this by providing you with FREE weekly training that's both practical and actionable training that will enable you to boost your income for every hour you put into your business. So you can make better choices, have more fun and live a richer life!

We've found that there's plenty of advice out there on how to grow your freelance income. But as solo professionals ourselves, we've come to the realization that freelancers don't need more abstract ideas or advice. What they really need is real training. Training they can apply immediately to get tangible and transformative improvements in their businesses.

Each training episode includes valuable strategies, systems and ideas that are proven to yield results. Also, each episode concludes with a simple assignment to help you put the ideas into practice IMMEDIATELY. That's because studies have shown that the faster you apply new material, the higher your chances of success with that material.

Just one more way International Freelancers Academy is different from the mountains of business-building advice out there!

Are the training episodes really free? How often are they released?

Yep. When we say "Free" we mean it! International Freelancers Academy training episodes are published weekly and are completely free.

How long are training episodes available for?

Training episodes are available for seven (7) days. After that, they're taken down, moved to the archives and replaced with brand new training episodes. Only premium members have access to all of our training episode archives.

How do I get access to the training episodes?

Simply sign up free with your email address. You'll be notified every time new episodes are posted. We'll also notify you when we post special training series and release other goodies.

Can I get access to previous episodes I missed?

Training episodes are available for seven (7) days only. After that, they're moved to the archives and replaced with brand new training episodes. Only premium members have access to all of our training episode archives.

Here's a suggestion: carve out 30 minutes on Friday afternoons to watch the training episodes and complete the assignments. Make this a priority. Your business will be better for it.

Who's behind International Freelancers Academy?

International Freelancers Academy was founded by Ed Gandia and Pete Savage, co-founders of International Freelancers Day and co-authors of The Wealthy Freelancer: 12 Secrets to a Great Income and an Enviable Lifestyle (Penguin/Alpha).

What's the relationship between International Freelancers Academy and International Freelancers Day?

International Freelancers Day is a global initiative to celebrate independent workers and the tremendous impact they have on our economic growth. The first-ever International Freelancers Day conference was held on Sept. 24 and 25, 2010, and was attended by tens of thousands of solo professionals from more than 50 countries.

International Freelancers Academy continues this quest for inspiration and actionable information through free weekly training episodes - keeping the home fires burning brightly all year long until the next International Freelancers Day in 2012! (That's right, the BIG event is happening again this year! Get on our email list so you can stay tuned.)