How To Write a Winning Sales Letter

In this video, I share details from my own experience. I mailed out a sales letter that helped me land two awesome new clients that gave me $64,000 in new business over the course of 12 months -- and more than $100K in total since that time.

This is video number two in our series on getting clients. And we're talking today about how to write a winning sales letter.

If you saw video number one, just a quick recap: when we're talking about sales letters in this series, we're not talking about salesy, cheesy, pushy, junky, lame type sales letters. We're talking about professional sales letters that establish you as a professional and generate leads for your business.

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  • Shelly Moreau

    I am currently completing a course on copy writing and have just listened to Video Number Two on Sales Letters. It was a great synopsis of the process and provided me with some clearer direction on how to approach potential clients with a sales letter. Many thanks. I look forward to future videos. I am a Canadian by the way... and living 30 minutes from Ottawa, Ontario (on the Quebec side). Thank you for your wonderful insight and generous assistance.

  • Mary

    What are some recommended bulky items to include in a sales letter. Any items you personally suggest?

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