TRAINING CLASS REPLAY: "The Simple 5-Step System That Helps Me Close  80% (or More) of Every Project I Quote"


Want to take a deeper dive into this topic? I've just opened enrollment to a brand-new online training program titled:

"Close the Deal: How to Turn More Prospects Into Clients"

My colleague Ilise Benun and I will show you how to engage the prospect in a productive conversation. And how to screen inquiries and potential prospects much faster and more accurately. You'll come out of this program knowing how to:

  • Ask better questions earlier in the process
  • Accurately determine the prospect's need and price sensitivity
  • Identify red flags sooner
  • Position yourself as the obvious choice
  • Quote more confidently
  • Create "knock your socks off" proposals

And how to use these strategies to close 80% or more of every project you quote. The first session starts on Thursday, November 14. So check it out today! Learn More