Getting Clients

Getting Media Exposure to Generate Freelance Leads and Clients

April 22, 2011 by

Getting media exposure is one of the best ways to drive a ton of traffic to your website - traffic that can turn into leads and, eventually, into paying clients.

This type of exposure works because it helps establish you as an expert, something few other forms of marketing can do as well (or as quickly). It also gets you in front of prospects who wouldn't have heard about you through other marketing vehicles.

Just as important, it brings down your prospects' defenses and allows you to communicate your value more openly and without having to overcome direct buyer objections. That's because when most people see you mentioned in an article or featured on the news, they feel you're providing them with valuable or interesting information, and not necessarily selling your services directly.

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My Really Dumb Mistake

April 22, 2011 by

When I started my business 15 years ago, I made a really dumb mistake. I knew I should be spending time building relationships with other non-competing professionals who were targeting the same type of clients I was. But I didn't.

As a result, I missed out on a lot of potential referrals.

Had I put in the effort to get to know these graphic designers, web masters, consultants, and so forth, I suspect at least a few would have recommended me to their clients and other contacts.

But that didn't happen.

As I said, my dumb mistake.

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Seven Psychological Triggers That Make Prospects Want to Hire You

April 8, 2011 by

Most of us want to believe that all of buying behavior and buying decisions are rational and based on logic. And that we’re in control of our behavior at all times. I mean who really wants to admit that their decision to buy that iPad, for example, was based purely on business reasons ...

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A Direct Mail Flop So Big, Even Mick Couldn’t Save Me

April 1, 2011 by

You may know that Ed and I are proponents of direct mail as a great business-building strategy for solo professionals. We've both had great success with this technique, but earlier in my freelance career I had two direct mail flops.

Today I'll tell you about the most elaborate, expensive and disappointing one.

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How to Land Better Projects Faster with a Simple Sales Process

March 21, 2011 by

What do you do when a potential client calls you about a project opportunity?

Do you know what questions to ask?

Do you know what order to ask them in?

Do you know what next steps you're going to suggest based on the information you gather from a prospect?

In other words, do you have a sales process in place even if it's simple?

Following a well-defined process cannot only help you improve your sales effectiveness as a freelance professional, but it can also help you stay relaxed. It can help you boost your confidence and even save you a great deal of time and effort.

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Simple Negotiation Tactics for Freelancers

March 18, 2011 by

I'll admit it. The first time I tried to negotiate my price with a client I was nervous. I didn't want to lose the project! I felt a little like Oliver Twist holding out his soup bowl and tepidly asking, "Please, Sir. May I have some more?"

As it turned out, the "negotiation" went fine. The client and I discussed the project fee and worked out a compromise that was fair to both of us. It was actually quite painless.

In fact, if you approach price negotiation the right way, it is painless. After all, all you're doing is suggesting an alternative arrangement that gets the client what she wants "“ you're valuable freelance service "“ while getting you what you deserve "“ your professional rates.

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3 Quick and Easy Marketing Tactics to Keep Work Coming

March 4, 2011 by

You know when you got a steady flow of freelance work coming through the door, one of the biggest temptations is to take your foot off the gas pedal, so to speak, and to stop marketing. Don't do that though. The challenge, of course, is that a full workload can ...

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