The 7 Essential Pillars for Building a Rock-Solid Freelance Business

Hey there! Thanks for joining us on this quest to build a more profitable and rock-solid freelance business.

Before we get started, I think it’s important to explain what separates successful freelancers from those who continually struggle.

That’s because success as a solo professional has little to do with what many people think is important.

For instance, there’s a common misconception that the more you know, the more you’ll earn. Or that better skills in your specific profession will automatically translate to more clients, more projects and a higher income.

Yes, more knowledge and improved skills are important. In fact, it’s very difficult to make it as a freelancer today if your skills and chops aren’t at a minimum required level. That’s because the shortage out there is NOT one of people to do the grunt work. The shortage is of people who have skills, experience and a track record.

And when you look at highly successful freelancers — which my co-authors and I did when researching for our book, The Wealthy Freelancer — you find that there are other key factors at play. Factors that have a much bigger bearing on your overall success as a solo professional.

In this mini-course I’m going to cover those factors and why they matter. And I’ll give you some insights on how you can make improvements if you feel you may be falling a bit short in some of these areas.

The ideas come from working with and studying hundreds of successful freelancers over the years... and from our own freelance practices (I’m still a full-time working freelancer).

The Business Side of Freelancing

At the crux of this mini-course is this idea that truly successful freelancers in ALL fields are very good or even GREAT at the business side of freelancing.

Sure, they’re good at what they do. They’re excellent copywriters, SEO consultants, designers, translators, developers, accountants, business consultants — you name it.

But the real reason they continue to succeed is that they’ve become excellent in most of the key areas I’m going to be discussing in this course, all of which revolve around the business side of freelancing.

What You’ll Get Out of This Mini-Course

Over the next five weeks, you’ll get a core lesson every week, each covering another pillar to creating a better, more profitable solo business. Your first two lessons will arrive in about three days, and all emails will come from me (Ed Gandia). Also, each message will contain [Rock-Solid Freelancing] in the subject line. That way you can easily find them in your inbox.

After that, we’ll keep you up to date with practical advice and ideas to help you earn more in less time... so you can have more freedom and more fun in your business.

Now... before you leave this page, allow me to suggest a couple of things:

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  2. Create a special folder in your email program for these lessons. Because this is a course, not just a random newsletter, you’ll want to refer back to the material again later. So keep the emails someplace you can find them easily.

I’m truly excited to have you on this little adventure with me. I’m really looking forward to getting started, so let’s jump in!

To your success,

Ed Gandia
Co-founder, International Freelancers Academy



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